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Baby Due in February and Still Looking for a Name?

Baby Due in February and Still Looking for a Name?

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10 Creative Baby Names for February Babies
2018 is in full swing. January is just flying by and now your February due date is almost here!
Here are 10 boys’ and girls’ names that have a beautiful significant connection to the month of February, including Valentine’s Day, horoscope signs and leap years. Perfect for your bambino due next month.
5 for girls
Amethyst: The beautiful purple gem is also a lovely name for a girl, who could go by Amy for short? It’s the February birthstone, and the name Amy means “beloved.”
Primrose: Calling all Hunger Games fans: Katniss’s brave little sister makes for a lovely name and the primrose is one of February’s birth flowers.
Rosa: So a Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, so put a spin on the Valentine’s Day flower with a little variation on the traditional name. Or perhaps you prefer Rosalie or Rosetta?
Valentina: If your bundle of love arrives close to Valentine’s Day, you simply can’t go wrong with this gorgeous Latin moniker, commonly used in languages such as Italian, Spanish and Russian.
Violet: February’s other birth flower. In addition to primrose, there is is the violet. For purple lovers this is a gorgeous name for your little one
5 for boys
Ash: In Celtic traditions, the ash is one of the symbolic trees of February, representing creativity, free thinking and inspiration. Love it!
Julian: Before the current calendar, there was the Julian calendar, developed by Julius Caesar. We can thank him for adding the leap day to the calendar. Although this year is not a leap year, there is still a unique tie in with February. 
Lev/Liev: Heart-shaped chocolates, heart-shaped cookies, heart-shaped everything… Hearts and the month of February go hand in hand. That’s just what this Hebrew name means- Heart.
Ren: The zodiacs for February are both water-related (Aquarius and Pisces), so an aquatic name like Ren, meaning “water lily, lotus” works. And it's an extra bonus for Star Wars fans. A little shoutout to Kylo Ren!
Rowan: Like the name Ash, the rowan is another symbolic tree of February. It’s also suited to red haired babies, as it means “little redhead.”