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Are There Benefits Of Choosing A Same Sex School?

Are There Benefits Of Choosing A Same Sex School?

Are There Benefits Of Choosing A Same Sex School?
Choosing the right school for your children to attend is a really big decision.
It is something that has a plethora of factors that you may need to consider.
For some families the decision is a little bit more straight forward than for others. For example location may be the factor that completely dictates or inhibits your options.
The same can be said for when your older children attend or attended a particular school. It may just seem like the obvious option as it keeps the sense of family routine and also makes the enrolment process more straight forward.
These days there are so many different schooling options for our little ones.
There are Irish speaking schools, outdoor schools, educate together and then same sex schools.
If you plan to send your child to a same sex school you might be interested to know about some of the benefits that come with that choice.
People might be quick to tell you the benefits of mixing your children with the opposite sex but there are some strong benefits to your choice also.
  •  There is some research to show that a better educational experience can occur in a same-sex environment. In more specific terms, it relates to the opportunity for girls and boys to excel in specific subjects. For example, boys in all boys schools may excel more in English and literature than they would in a co-ed school. Similarly the same was observed with maths and science grades for girls in an all-girls school compared to those subject results in a mixed school.
  • Your child may develop more confidence when it comes to putting themselves out there and taking risks when they are not constantly around the opposite sex. This can make for better and more relaxed learning environments which can create a safer place for discussions and conversations in the classroom.
  • The education experience may be more tailored for your child. That is not to say that gender generalisations are made in terms of the curriculum but a same-sex environment may give the teacher an opportunity to create a more focused programme for your children. There may be certain books and resources that speak to that particular gender in a more meaningful way.
  • It is actually an opportunity to combat gender stereotypes. Subjects are explored freely without any attention being paid to gender numbers of that particular subject area. Instead, individuals can gravitate towards the subject area that genuinely interests them rather than a gender-influenced decision that may dictate the number of boys and girls that choose particular subject areas.
  • There is an argument that discipline is better in same-sex schools. The focus is more on the education rather than trying to impress the opposite sex.
Tracey is mammy to five-year-old Billy and newborn Willow. She is a breastfeeder, gentle parent and has recently lost five stone so healthy family eating is her passion! You can follow her on Instagram