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A gender prediction kit you can do at home

A gender prediction kit you can do at home

A gender prediction kit you can do at home
Deciding whether to find out the gender of your baby or not is a huge decision for any parent. Of course nothing is guaranteed but a lot of the time the sonographer can give you a pretty good idea during the anomaly scan at around the twenty week mark. 
For some couples it is a straight forward decision. Some are certain from the moment that they discover the pregnancy. They may be really in favour of finding out the gender of their baby or really against it and committed to finding out when the baby is born. 
I think a lot of us fall in to the middle ground though. We can see the pro’s and con’s of both. On the one hand it would be really exciting to find out during the pregnancy. It might even make a difficult pregnancy a little easier as there is a more specific focus. But on the other hand? We worry we might regret not keeping the big reveal until the day the baby is born. After all, giving birth is going to be painful – wouldn’t it be nice to have the focus on the surprise of the gender? 
If you have made the decision to keep the gender a surprise but you still find yourself feeling a little bit curious, why not try some of these just-for-fun at home gender prediction tests?
Sure they might be old wives tales or complete baloney, but it can’t hurt to have a bit of a laugh trying them! 
  • The Baking Soda Test - This one involves adding urine to some baking soda in a cup. The theory is that if it fizzes you are having a boy and if it does not fizz you are having a girl.  
  • The Ring Test - You’ll need a ring and some string. Hang the ring from the string over your pregnant belly. If it swings back and forth it is a girl and if it swings in a circle it’s a boy.  
  • The Key Test - Ask a woman to pick up a key. Some people believe that if the woman picks up the key from the narrow end it is a girl. If she picks it up by the larger top end it is a boy.  
  • Numbers Test - Add your age at conception to the year of conception. An even number is believed to be a girl and an odd number a boy.  
  • Garlic Test - Eat some raw garlic. If you eat the garlic and can smell it from your pores in an intense way (i.e. you stink of garlic) it is a boy. If there is little or no smell then it is a girl.
 Written by Tracey Quinn staff writer at Family Friendly HQ. Tracey also blogs at