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8 post-Easter realities of EVERY Irish family

8 post-Easter realities of EVERY Irish family

8 post-Easter realities of EVERY Irish family
As a nation we just love to do things wholeheartedly. Last week it was allll about Easter.
We were practically wrestling each other in the supermarket for the last Gruffalo Easter Egg and we frantically googled Lamb recipes to impress the family. The Easter Egg hunt went off without a hitch and we got some fabulous photos for Instagram. Then it was Tuesday and we were absolutely ready to forget the whole thing. 
Here are some of the post-Easter thoughts that have reached our house and they may just have hit yours too. 
  • You will discuss the DISGUSTING amount of chocolate in the house despite genuinely being delighted to receive them all at the weekend.
  • Everything that goes wrong will be because of the “amount of crap” the kids have eaten. The tantrum, the lack of dinner eaten, the messy bedrooms. It's all Easter's fault.
  • You're frantically googling Slimming Club locations while at the same time dreaming about dipping an egg in to tea when your kids go to bed.
  • Your determined to “get the wear” out of the Easter themed clothes you bought buckets of. You've bunny hair-bands and t-shirts with sparkly eggs which will be worn until next Easter if you have it your way.
  • Plans will be made to turn the eggs in to Rice Crispy cakes. No rice crispy cakes will be made.
  • You need the kids to be back at school AT ONCE. You adore them. Truly you do. But two weeks is just too bloomin' long. Sorry not sorry.
  • You are exhausted beyond words. You don't remember Christmas involving this much cleaning, purchasing or enthusiasm.
  • You're offering the usual healthy treats to the kids and they are not buying it. Granola bars and raisins that were previously adored are not looked at with disgust. Will they ever eat normally again?
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