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7 Things I wish primary school would teach my kids.

7 Things I wish primary school would teach my kids.

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There are many things that school teaches our children and it is incredible how fast kids learn and their ability to take in information so well however for all the schools efforts there are some things I think they should teach kids. Depending on the school some will cover different topics but most will not cover what is listed here and they probably should be in my opinion.
Here are some things I wish primary school would teach my kids.
  • Time management- Have you ever gotten seriously frustrated with your kid when it takes them over two hours to colour a picture?! Kids should know that it is important to do things right but also within a certain timeframe. Children struggle to understand time but for older children they should be more than able to prioritize, sadly however they don’t and my kid once spent 4 hours studying one subject for a test and subsequently left no more time to study another subject!
  • First aid- Kids hurt themselves we know that and it would be great if they knew how to do first aid if they got hurt or indeed one of their pals while out playing. Children are more than capable of caring for someone who is injured even for a short while till help arrives.
  • The art of negotiation- Kids need negotiation skills to get along in life and while some parents may say their kids have these skills (have you ever seen a kid convincing their mom to buy them a lolly?!) for most part kids are unable to negotiate as they get older. Negotiation is needed for buying any item and haggling is a good trait to have, it will save money anyway!
  • Basic money management- Children learn maths in school and about money but they don’t know how much their finances will affect their life in the future. Kids assume everyone earns the same and that money is available easily, and while you can teach them about this at home it would be great if schools showed kids how to manage their pocket money and how to save.
  • DIY skills- Most schools are all about teaching kids how to sew and knit yet they don’t show them how to change lightbulbs, assess dangers from electricity or how to change batteries or the importance of fire/house alarms.If children learnt these things as a youngster it would help them greatly in the future.
  • Self-defence- With the dangers that are everywhere in this world some basic self-defence would never be wasted. Making it mandatory for a time during the school year (like swimming classes) would enable kiddies to gain confidence and build their fitness.
  • Mental health awareness- Mental health awareness is becoming more prominent in everyone’s lives and rightly so! However primary schools are stopping short of teaching how to be aware of friend’s anxieties and how to manage your feelings and emotions. It is probably one of the biggest issues we face as parents considering the suicide rates in this country and the impact cyberbullying has on mental health. These should be discussed and now!
Do you agree / have any to add? Or does your school teach any of these?

Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ