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10 Truths About Sex For A Parent

10 Truths About Sex For A Parent

A bit of a risqué topic for around these parts but the birds and the bees are a fact of life. A couple’s sex life changes quite a bit when a baby comes along but so does like... the whole world. It’s just one of these things.
Focusing on the intimacy in your relationship may not be a priority for quite some time and as always communication is key.

When the time does come to reignite the owl flame, you may notice a couple of things have changed.
Just for fun – here are 10 truths about sex as a parent.
  • A quickie is absolutely not a bad thing. It happened. There’s time for coffee. All is well with the world.
  • There may, in some cases, be a high five involved at the, er, end?
  • The day you’ve shaved your legs and wore a pretty dress is almost certain to be the day that nothing happens. It will be the day where the kids have a melt-down and the roof gets a leak. That day where your hair is plastered in dry shampoo and you have yesterday’s dinner on your t-shirt? It’s show time.
  • When you refer to the bed as being where “the magic happens” you are most likely talking about the joyful moments that your child is sleeping.
  • In keeping with above – a bit of creativity and imagination may be required when it comes to setting the scene. The utility room has never felt the same since....
  • You’ve gone from hoping that every single “time” resulted in a pregnancy to being absolutely TERRIFIED that any time will result in a pregnancy.
  • Nap-time is a golden opportunity to fold clothes, cook dinner or..... not do those things. Sometimes a frozen pizza for dinner is worth it!
  • Sometimes it’s the only thing that will dispel the stress or crankiness that may be floating about the house. Turns out you just needed a... bit of love making.
  • You’ll notice an incredible ability to ignore all nappies (possible dirty) toys and parenting paraphernalia on “location”.
  • Believe it or not, for many, it’s now better. Less frequent but BETTER.
Written by Tracey Quinn, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.