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WIN A Family Day Out at Tayto Park & Check Out What They Have to Offer This Halloween

WIN A Family Day Out at Tayto Park & Check Out What They Have to Offer This Halloween

Tayto Park Halloween
Congratulations to Orla O' Donnell who won!
It was a day that the weather was throwing its weight around but we were determined that rain or no rain that we would have a lovely day at Tayto Park. As we left the house for Tayto Park the excitement was obvious, especially for my 9-year-old daughter. Having never visited myself before I was eager to see it. It is Ireland’s only Theme Park and offers a huge variety of things to see, do and experience! With Halloween only, a mere week away we were prepared for some spooky inspired activities. 
Upon arrival the car park was quiet enough as by now the rain was pelting down but the car park staff were lovely. One parking attendant was full of chats and even held an umbrella up for us as we got out of the car! Service with a smile! Now it was time to get in and get our tickets. We had the pleasure of receiving a wristband which is perfect for those who like to get on lots of rides.

Setting off with our map my little girl was leaping around shouting “We need to go here…No we should go there!” She didn’t know what she wanted, so it was up to me to gather some organisation. The map is easy to follow so we trundled along, hitting the roller coaster first. While my youngest didn’t want to go on it, myself and my teenager did. It was great fun and much bigger than I had anticipated.

Next, we decided on the 5D Cinema as it was advertising a “Halloween Spooky Movie” which looked great. Taking our seats, we realised they would move in motion and we had some funky glasses to put on! It was brilliant, I giggled all the way through along with the kids. It is a spooky movie but perfect for the small kids and older ones alike.
As we are animal lovers I knew Tayto Park offers an exceptional animal collection which features many species. The zoo is home to monkeys, birds, goats, meerkats and lots more! There are also shows on during the day so checking the board as you enter the park is recommended.  Pivotably, the zoo boasts a snowy white owl, like the one in the Harry Potter films and as my kids are big fans they literally leapt for joy on meeting “Hedwig”.

We took ourselves off to the Ghost Hunters and we were warmly welcomed until we had to enter the spooky manor! The staff deserve great credit for their enthusiasm and acting skills, they get into the spirit and it adds to the spookiness. I won’t give it away but you will be brought around a haunted manor and along the way you may be visited by some ghostly figures. The kids are given a torch to seek out ghosts and it is a little like a treasure hunt with a terrifying twist! My children enjoyed it immensely while being happily spooked!
Tayto Park is running a “Morbid Manor” event for older fans and it promises to be a scare fest, though “Ghost Hunters” was enough for me, I am sure any spooky fans will love Morbid Manor. Once we had made it out of the manor alive, we headed to a crafts area where the kids could get their faces painted or make stuff themselves. The area was filled with brilliant Halloween decorations and scary pumpkins, it really is a ghostly paradise!
We then decided to get some hot drinks and a bite to eat which the kids loved. Once we had a hot drink and a rest we headed back out and came across jesters and clowns running about. They did a great job in playing with the kids, once we arrived at the carousel my daughter got on and loved it. Bales of hay were pitted around the park with numerous pumpkins making the whole park a Halloween feast.

We couldn’t leave without checking out the Dinosaurs and they were unbelievable! For any children that love dinosaurs, it is a real treat. There is a huge amount to do and see in Tayto Park for the less adventurous or for thrill seekers. The kiddie parks are wonderful and the maze was fun too!
The day was great fun and a roaring success with the kids. There is something for everyone here, the Halloween events are fantastic and it is the perfect place to get into the spooky spirit-If you dare?! A trip to Tayto Park is not complete without a trip to the gift shop and there are loads of gift ideas as well as tasty sweets.
We will be back! If you want to book for your own family, you can book online here!

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